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It's time for more heavy metal. This jet has been on my list since we sold out of the first JE B-52 Bomb Bay door tags, and I cannot say enough about how awesome these turned out. Black B-52 material has been something I've been after for a while. 


The Stratofortress needs no introduction. It has served the USAF for over 70 years, can carry 70K of munitions, and has a combat range of nearly 9,000 miles without refueling. And it's smoked a lot of bad dudes. 


The B-52D tags were cut from a single black outrigger landing gear door. This door was extremely robust, and it took a lot of work to get it deconstructed for cutting. This is my favorite tag we’ve ever done. It looks incredible with the Linebacker II themed card and throwback etching.


The B-52D tags are offered in 3 variants: Thin, Thick, and Inner Raw. The Thin tags are solid black exterior skin tags. The all-aluminum honeycomb that filled this door was removed from the back of these tags and they are all single layer, solid tags. 


The Thick tags were cut from a thinner area of the door that allowed for us to cut full-thickness tags. The top features outer black paint and the back is raw aluminum from the inside of the door. They are the most robust honeycomb tags we’ve ever released, and they are impressive. Only a handful are available. 


The Inner Raw tags are mostly devoid of paint and feature a subtle etching. These tags were cut from the inner skin of the door.


200 B-52D tags are available tomorrow and only about half are black.

B-52D Outrigger Landing Gear Door Tag

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