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The B-47 was a long-range nuclear bomber that was primarily designed to strike targets within the Soviet Union. It first flew in 1947 and remained in service with the USAF until 1969. With its swept wings and under-wing engines, the Stratojet featured innovative design elements that are now standard on jet aircraft.


The Jet-Eyes B-47 tags have been cut from the canopy and canopy rail of a B-47 Stratojet. One of Jet-Eyes first military canopy tags was a B-47 tag, and these are a reboot of that initial B-47 release. One major reason for this revamp of the initial tag was that we now can cut full-thickness canopy tags from this canopy. The B-47’s canopy is comprised of 3 layers of material: an inner canopy, middle clear rubber-like layer, and an outer canopy. The new B-47 tags feature all of these layers and are .6” thick. Also offered for the first time are all-metal tags that were cut from fuselage skin that was riveted to the rail.


These tags are offered in 6 variants: Clear, Nuke, Crispy, Bi-Color, Solid, and Canopy Rail (metal).


The clear tags are 3 layers thick and feature skeletal B-47 art. The clear tags are the most plentiful with very limited stock on all other variants. 


The Nuke tags are a limited edition clear tag that feature a translucent nuclear explosion on the back of the tag and grey art and text on the front. This nuclear explosion image matches the back of the cardback.


The Crispy tags were cut from portions of the canopy that were damaged in a fire at the boneyard this canopy was stored. The inner rubber layer in these tags is discolored and melted in areas. Some have yellow/amber areas and some have bubbles and cracks in them. 


The Bi-Color tags were cut from portions of the rail where the clear canopy meets the fiberglass rail. These tags have a clear section and a fiberglass section. They are thicker than the all-clear tags.


The Solid tags were cut from the opaque rail area that was inside the metal canopy frame. These tags are remarkably weird and very thick – up to .85”! They have multiple sandwiched layers of clear acrylic and opaque fiberglass. These are the thickest tags offered in this run.


The Canopy Rail tags have been cut from fuselage skin that was riveted around the outside edge of the metal canopy rail. They are dark grey and nearly all have rivets and multiple layers of skin. A lot of work went into salvaging enough material to cut tags from and very few of these all-metal tags are available.


All tags come with a BVR cardback that features a B-47 taking off with JATO bottles blazing.

B-47 Stratojet Canopy / Rail Tag

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