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The AT-38 was a modified/weaponized T-38 – with the capability to carry a rocket/gun pod and practice bombs, and was equipped with a gunsight. A very limited number of T-38s were modified into AT-38s. They were painted in a distinctive Blue/Grey camouflage.


The AT-38 was part of the Lead-In-Fighter Trainer (LIFT) program and was designed to introduce new fighter pilots to weapons delivery and basic combat maneuvers. It also significantly reduced costs as the cost to operate the AT-38 was much less than a full-up fighter aircraft.


The LIFT Program ended in 1993 and was replaced by the Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals (IFF) program.  


The Jet-Eyes AT-38B tag was cut from the skin and leading/trailing edges of AT-38B horizontal stabilizers. The stabilizers consist of an aluminum skin with an aluminum honeycomb core. All tags feature this honeycomb core and are quite thick.


Also exciting is the option to purchase a metal cardback cut from T-38 fuselage! These white metal cards were cut from belly panels off a white T-38 and have decals, rivets, hinges, etc. These cards can be purchased as an upgrade for your AT-38 tag. Note: All tags ship with the standard cardboard cardback. Metal cards must be purchased separately via the listing on the homepage. 


The AT-38B tags are offered in 6 variants:


Light Blue – Fiber laser etched.


Grey – Fiber laser etched.


Bi-Color (Grey/Blue) – Special Edition Full-color T-38 art by “Plane Old Art”.


Light Blue SE – Same special edition art as Bi-color tags; limited to 38 tags.


Trailing Edge – Double sided tags cut from the trailing edge of the stab; color printed.


Leading Edge – Double-sided tags cut from the leading edge of the stab; color printed with red stripe on leading-edge of horizontal stabilizer.


L.E (Leading Edge) Tag + Hinged T-38 Metal Card - This combo secures you a Leading Edge AT-38B tag and a Hinged Metal T-38 cardback. The best of both!!


T.E. (Trailing Edge) Tag + Un-hinged T-38 Metal Card - This combo secures you a Trailing Edge AT-38B tag and an Un-Hinged Metal T-38 cardback. 


The trailing and leading-edge tags are very exciting and give a glimpse into how this stab was constructed. They are complete cross-sections of the stab and are some of the neatest tags we’ve made. Some are over 1” thick.


The first 50 orders containing an AT-38B tag and a metal T-38 cardback will recieve a FREE T-38 Talon aircraft tag! The first 50 orders containig an AT-38 tag and T-38 cardback will also receive cards with corresponding serial numbers. 


I am also pleased to announce that the artwork for these cards was provided by USAF F-16 pilot and aviation artist Melaine Valentin of Plane Old Art. The cards depict a section of AT-38s and a supersonic shockwave.


This run is limited to 400 tags with very limited quantities of some variants. 


AT-38B Talon (LIFT) Aircraft Tag

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