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Our final tag of 2022! It's been a minute since Jet-Eyes has released a non-military aircraft tag, but if you get down to it, the AT-301 does carry and drop "ordnance". Watching these aircraft zip around down low is quite the sight and we're super pleased to offer a crop duster tag! 


The AT-301 was developed in the early 1970s and introduced for commercial use in 1976. The initial offering (AT-300) came standard with an R-985 Radial engine. The more common AT-301 comes with the R-1340 - the first of the venerable Wasp engines. The AT-301 is capable of carrying up to 320 gallons in the hopper that is located between the engine and firewall. 


The Jet-Eyes AT-301 tags were cut from the fusealge skin of aircraft SN 301-0606. They are offered in 6 colorful variants: Yellow, Blue, Black, Bi-Color Blue/Yellow, Bi-Color Black/Yellow, and Tri-color (Yellow, Blue, Black). 


This run is limited to 500 tags. All tags are laser etched and come with a card featuring art by Tim Steiner. 

AT-301 Air Tractor S/N 301-0606 Aircraft Tag

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