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The Cessna L-19 Bird Dog (later redesignated the O-1) is a military observation and liaison aircraft that was developed for the US Army in the late 1940s. The Bird Dog also served with the United States Air Force and Marine Corps. The Bird Dog served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars and was later used by the Civil Air Patrol. Many Bird Dogs still fly as civilian warbirds. A total of 3,431 O-1s were built by Cessna with another 60 built under license by Fuji in Japan. 


These Drops were cut from fuselage skin removed from O-1A (L-19) Bird Dog S/N 51-4839 and are a combination of green, yellow, or black. This aircraft served in the Korean War and later the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. After its return to the US the aircraft was used by the US Forest Service. 


All Air Drops come on 3.5" x 2.5" cards cut from .25" acrylic sheet and can be removed from the card.


Fulfillment is random. There are no returns on Air Drops. 

Air Drops SOLO O-1A Bird Dog S/N 51-4839 Fuselage Skin

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