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The Modernized Cobra tags have arrived! I’ve been super excited about this launch since pulling this boom out of the woods a few months ago. It was completely covered in brush and required some creative rigging to get it out. I remember pulling away some of the overgrowth and saw the ARMY stenciling on the side. Super neat moment.


Last Friday we released a single AH-1G tag to commemorate this Snake’s time in Vietnam. After it returned from war it underwent an extensive depot level upgrade from a G model to an S. In keeping with the historical narrative, we’re dropping the S tags today… the meat and potatoes. With a new radical card by BVR and matching tag art by Planeform.


The variants: DANGER, 318, ARMY, Stencil, Vertical Stabilizer, Exterior Green, Exterior Rivets, Driveshaft and Shelf. There are only a handful of the colored/stenciled tags. For launch day only you can grab a Snake Set that includes a 318, ARMY, Driveshaft, and Shelf tag. This gets you all parts of the boom at a healthy discount. All tags feature the same laser etched tag art by Planeform and come with a radical card by BVR. 


Variant rundown:


DANGER: Red/green tags cut from the port and starboard danger arrows just forward of the tail rotor blade. All have rivets and some neat structure. Some have DANGER stencils. Some have a ton of red paint and a couple have 20% or so coverage.


318: Cut from the yellow aircraft tail number on the vertical stabilizer. 3/8” aluminum honeycomb. Some have rivets and multiple layers and some are a uniform thickness.


ARMY: Cut from the black UNITED STATES ARMY stencils on either side of the tail boom. Some are riveted and some are single thickness.


Stencil: Cut from various black stencils on the tail boom. Most are cut from the vertical stabilizer and are honeycomb.


Vertical Stabilizer: 3/8” aluminum honeycomb tags cut from the vertical stabilizer. Some have rivets and multiple layers and some are a uniform thickness.


Exterior Green: Single thickness green tags cut from the exterior of the boom.


Exterior Rivets: Riveted tags cut from the exterior of the boom. Some are quite thick and heavy with multiple layers of metal. Some of the most structured riveted tags we’ve seen.


Driveshaft: White/green tags cut from the skin inside the cavity where the tail rotor driveshaft was located. Many of these tags are super structured with some black overspray. Very neat and interesting tags!! One of my favorites from this run.


Shelf: The thickest tags of the bunch at .5” thick! These were cut from avionics bay shelves located inside the tail boom. They will be labeled based on what piece of the equipment was on the shelf. The first batch of shelf tags will be labeled “Missile Command Amplifier Shelf.”


This is a remarkable aircraft that served the US ARMY for over 30 years. It’s a real combat vet that was shot up on multiple occasions and underwent multiple depot level upgrades. We’re honored to offer tags cut from Cobra AH-1 66-15318.

AH-1S Cobra 66-15318 Aircraft Tag

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