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The Quail has arrived! The GAM-72 (later ADM-20) was an air-launched decoy cruise missile designed to clutter Soviet air defense radars in the event the US launched a strike. The missiles were launched from B-52s, had a range of 445 miles, and could travel as fast as 0.9 Mach. Up to 8 Quails could be carried in the B-52 weapons bay.


The Jet-Eyes ADM-20C tag was cut from the fuselage and fuel tank of missile 60-761. These tags are offered in 8 variants and feature a new tag shape unique to this launch only. The top/leading edge of these tags is the same wing sweep angle as the Quail missile. Many of these tags have a neat, rubberized coating on the back of them. 


The variants offered are:


Silver – Tags with silver external paint. Most of these are single thickness tags. 


Fuel Tank – Green internal tags that have been laser etched. The missile and text are gold due to the coating on the aluminum tank. All of these tags have a rubberized back. Single thickness. 


Bi-Color Red – Grey/Silver tags with red paint. These tags were cut from parts of the fuselage that had a red stripe painted on it.


Stencil – These tags feature black decal lettering.


AIR FORCE – These tags feature the blue AIR FORCE decals that were located on either side of the fuselage.


Roundel – These tags were cut from the roundel decals that were located on either side of the fuselage. Some tags feature full decal coverage and some have partial. Please note that this decal is delicate; it is the ORIGINAL decal and is nearly 60 years old. Areas on some of these tags may be peeling slightly.


Tri-Color - Red, White, and Blue Roundel Decal tags.


DATA – These tags feature the silver and black decal that had the name and serial number of the missile.


We had some extra B-52 skin in the lab, and since the Quail was launched from the Bomb Bay of a B-52, every variant of these tags can be purchased with a metal cardback cut from real B-52 Bomb Bay door skin! These cardbacks are offered in 2 variants: Inner and Outer skin and can be purchased on the homepage. The Inner skin is light grey and the outer skin is a bit thicker and is dark grey. These metal cards are serialized and can be added to a tag by selecting it from the drop down menu. The cards are not available as a standalone purchase. Only 1 metal cardback can be ordered per Quail tag ordered. All tags come standard with the normal cardboard Jet-Eyes cardback. All cards feature art by BVR.


***The first 50 tag/metal cards purchased will come with corresponding serial numbers.***


Only 400 total Quail tag and 175 B-52 Bomb Bay door skin cards will ever be made. 

ADM-20C 60-761 Quail Decoy Cruise Missile Tag

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