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We released a Navy A-7 tag a while back and have been wanting to add the USAF jet to the line-up. We acquired several panels that were part of a cockpit restoration effort. These panels were extras (not utilized in the restoration), were all removed from A-7Ds, and were stamped with the serial number of the jet they were removed from. 


The A-7 is a subsonic light attack aircraft developed in the 1960s from the F-8. The type was intended to replace the A-4 Skyhawk as part of the US Navy’s VAL requirement. The A-7D was developed exclusively for the USAF and entered service in 1970. It differed in several notable ways from the Navy jets – a more powerful engine, a HUD, improved avionics, new cannon, etc. A total of 459 A-7Ds were built and the USAF retired the type in 1993.


This listing is for tags cut from aircraft 71-0298 and 70-1009 plus tags cut from an A-7D canopy. 


Tags cut from 71-0298 (a former USAF 4525th Weapons School bird) were cut from a single panel with heavy paint damage. These tags are offered in 2 variants: Raw and Painted. The Raw tags are completely bare or have some paint remnants. The Painted tags are either fully covered in paint or mostly covered in paint. Please understand this is a subjective assessment and some Raw and Painted tags may look similar.


Tags cut from 70-1009 are offered in a single variant: Green. This panel featured beautiful paint, and these are very clean tags.


There are only 100 of each of the fuselage tags available and they come on a card featuring a green/tan A-7D by BVR. 


Our A-7D Canopy Glass tags were cut from a removed canopy that was part of the same restoration effort. These tags come printed with the A-7D blueprint along with the full-color card art. They are offered in 2 variants based on the card art used on the tag: Grey/Green and Green/Tan. There are only 200 Canopy Glass tags available; 100 of each color. 

A-7D Corsair II 71-0298 + 70-1009 + Canopy Tags

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