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The Intruder. In my book one of the greatest dedicated attack aircraft ever – tough and great at its job. 


This Intruder run consists of tags cut from the canopy of an A-6E. Before we get into the details, a quick note about this aircraft’s history. The rail of this canopy was stenciled with the name of the last CAG of Airwing 6. VA-176 was attached to Airwing 6 during this time and also deployed on the Forrestal's very last deployment in 1991 in support of Operation Provide Comfort. This deployment also marked the last for Airwing 6. Airwing 6 aircraft would have had an AE painted on their tail, and Intruder squadrons would have had side numbers (Modex) beginning with 500. AE-500 would have been the CAG bird.


The A-6E tags are offered in the following variants: Pilot Canopy Glass, BN Canopy Glass, Canopy Glass, Exterior Grey, Interior Black, Canopy Rail, and Cockpit. 


  •        The Pilot and BN Canopy Glass tags are remarkably cool. Easily the coolest canopy tags we’ve released. They are cut to the shape of the canopy glass (top down) and were cut as the canopy was actually oriented. BN tags were cut from the BN side of the canopy and Pilot tags from the Pilot’s side. They feature A-6E instrument panel art (by BVR) on the tag that matches the seat – BN tags get a BN panel and Pilot tags get a Pilot panel. These tags are offered solo or as a set. These tags are a limited offering. 


  •        The Canopy Glass tags are cut to the standard JE dogtag shape and feature a clean laser etched design that matches the metal tag. This is our first laser etched canopy tag. 


  •        The Exterior Grey tags were cut from the exterior Navy grey metal portions of the canopy. They are really slick tags that feature thick paint. Some of these tags have rivets and neat aircraft structure. 


  •        The Interior Black tags were cut from the inner metal framework of the canopy. They feature a high contrast etching. Some of these tags have rivets and some are single thickness. 


  •        The Canopy Rail tags are maybe the most interesting tag we’ve released. These tags were cut right at the interface between the canopy glass and the metal rail/frame. The top and bottom of these tags are aluminum, but the cross section features the canopy sandwiched in between 2 layers of aluminum as well stainless steel screws – 3 different materials! These tags are thick, heavy, and just super cool. There are only a few of these available. 


  •        The Cockpit tags were cut from the small parts of the canopy that were located under the canopy glass, or inside the cockpit. This skin was once white but over time has faded to a greyish green color. Many of these tags have rivets lines that are dark grey. Some are single thickness without rivets.


Also offered for launch day only is an Intruder Set that includes an Exterior Grey, Interior Black, and Canopy Glass tag. This set is priced at $35 off of the normal price if purchased separately.  


These tags are accompanied by cards by BVR. 2 cards go with this launch – the Canopy and Metal tags get dedicated cards. 


I’m also pleased to announce our first ever tag display system is offered with this run! The tag display is a dedicated shrine to the coolness that is the A-6E and the Pilot/BN Canopy tags. **This display includes both the Pilot and BN Canopy Glass tags**. It is cut out of .25” aluminum plate and is cut to the shape of the Intruder cockpit. It comes with 2 sets of acrylic backers (one with the Intruder patch on it) and 2 sets of windscreens (blue and clear). The display will only be available for sale for a few days. Once I close the sale of the displays, they will all be made in a single batch and shipped separate from the tags later this month. Again, the Pilot/BN tag set is included with this display. Additional Pilot/BN Canopy Glass tags can be purchased separately from the drop-down menu. The first 25 to buy the display get a sold out BVR decal that features the art we used on these tags.  


This tag is a special one and a great start to 2023. 

A-6E Intruder Canopy Tag

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