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The Scooter, Kiddiecar, Tinker Toy, etc. Whatever you want to call it, the A-4 Skyhawk is one rad airplane. It served the USN and USMC for decades primarily as an attack aircraft, trainer, and later, adversary. 


When Jet-Eyes first got started in early 2021, a few small pieces of skin were purchased for future tag runs. Among them was a piece of A-4 Skyhawk skin that had VF-126 squadron art and the Naval Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun) logo on it. We've been waiting for the right time to release this limited tag and we believe that releasing it with the 160689 F-14A tag is the most appropriate time to let er rip! VF-126 was based at Miramar and served the Adversary role to the Weapons School. These jets were used in the original Top Gun as well. 


Frankly, not much is known about this skin or its history. The skin we made tags from was removed from the avionics hump off an A-4. The artwork on it is very worn but still very much there. Aircraft from VF-126 generally had these logos painted on them in various places. 


The A-4E/M tag is offered in 3 variants: Tan, VF-126, and NFWS. The tan is the base color of the skin and the VF-126 and NFWS logos were painted on top of that paint. The logos are worn and missing entiurely in some areas, but VF-126 and NFWS tags will have either a portion of the logo on the tag or will be completely covered in logo paint. Please see the photos for examples. 


The cardback for this tag is a NFWS re-colorized version of the 160689 F-14A card. This card depicts a scene from the original Top Gun movie where a section of F-14As and a A-4s are engaging in a air-to-air combat. 


There are only 75 A-4 tags available and very limited quantities of all variants. Don't miss it! 

A-4E/M Skyhawk NFWS Aircraft Tag

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