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The Dragonfly!! What a solid start to 2024. We’ve been saving this wing for this release and the tags turned out SO rad.


The A-37 was directly derived from the T-37 as a result of the growing military interest in COIN (counter-insurgency) aircraft. The A-37 was nearly double the weight of the T-37 and required new engines (J85) to handle the additional payload and mission requirements. The first 25 A-37As were deployed to Vietnam in 1967 and flew CAS, helicopter escort, FAC, and night interdiction missions. The A-37Bs were delivered later that year and were newly built airframes featuring a 6-G limit (as opposed to 5), refueling probe, upgraded avionics, more powerful engines, and other upgrades. 577 A-37s were produced and several foreign militaries continue to operate them today.


Our tags were cut from the Vietnam camo left wing off an A-37B. This wing was dug out of the dirt at a boneyard that I have been to many times, and the paint is in remarkably good condition considering how it was found. This wing was one of the most overbuilt and heavy pieces we’ve come across in a long time – a testament to the 5,800 lb external stores capacity this aircraft could carry. The A-37 was significantly heavier than the Tweet, and reinforced wings were one of the major changes that allowed to airframe to carry more.


These tags are offered in 8 variants: Green, Green Rivets, Tan, Tan Rivets, Grey, Green/Tan, Stencil, and my favorite, SUPER STENCIL. All variants were cut from exterior skin.


The Green and Tan tags (riveted variants as well) were cut from the top of the wing. The riveted tags have additional structure on the back.


The Grey tags were cut from the bottom of the wing. These tags come with a full-color printed A-37B. These are sharp tags. We haven’t done a color-printed metal tag in a while, and it was refreshing to work on these.


The Green/Tan were cut from areas where the camo colors came together. They best represent the wing and are the only non-stencil multi-color tag.


The Stencil tags were cut from the various stencils on the topside of the wing. These are probably the best and most dramatic stencil tags we’ve ever offered. They are a combination of green and tan and all are super interesting; some have additional structure on the back.


The jewels of this release are the SUPER STENCIL tags. Instead of trying to maximize the number of stencil tags with this run, we cut a few with zero regard for quantity. These tags were cut from the same stencil on the top of the wing and have 2 lines of text. We also slowed the waterjet down to preserve the internal skin that backed these tags. The SUPER STENCIL tags will come with a printed companion Internal Skin tag. The entire wing was 2 layers of aluminum thick, and this internal skin was located just inside of the outer skin.


Also offered is a Super Tweet Set (includes a Stencil, Grey, and Internal Skin tag) and a Dragonfly Set (includes a Green Rivets, Tan Rivets, Grey, Stencil, and an Internal Skin tag). Other than the SUPER STENCIL tags, these sets are the only way to nab an Internal Skin tag.


These tags are accompanied by an excellent card by BVR, and there are less than 10 of some variants.


I’m going to miss seeing this wing here on the farm but am super stoked to share it with you.

A-37B Dragonfly Wing Tag

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