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We don’t just do military over here at JET EYES! Our first metal airliner tags are a throwback to our first ever production airliner window tags. In early 2021 we dropped window tags from 747-400s N198UA and D-ABTH. As a former 747 First Officer I have a close connection with this aircraft and am chuffed that the first JET EYES metal airliner tag is cut from the Queen of the Skies.


These tags were cut from fuselage skin around the lower level passenger windows and the shape of these tags is inspired by the shape of passenger windows. This shape will become the standard for JET EYES passenger airliner tags moving forward.


D-ABTH was delivered in 1991 as a -400M, meaning it was designed to carry passengers and cargo on the main deck. This jet crossed the globe countless times and was retired in 2014. It too rests at the Mojave Air and Space Port.


The D-ABTH tags are offered in 2 variants: White and Interior Green. The White tags all have serious structure/rivets as do the Interior Green ones. Some of the Green tags feature titanium Hi-Lok fasteners and other bits of hardware. The White tags feature a dark blue printed design while the green as laser etched.  


Only 100 D-ABTH tags will be made for this run. They come with a card by BVR and top down laser art that is a throwback to our window tags from this aircraft. 

747-400 D-ABTH Fuselage Tag

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